Seikidokan Judo Club held its annual Vancouver International Judo Tournament at the Chief Joe Mathias Centre in North Vancouver on February 13th, 2016. Working closely with the Squamish First Nation, the tournament was a great success and all participants thoroughly enjoyed the competition. The 2017 tournament will again be held at Chief Joe Mathias Centre on Saturday February 4, 2017.

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All IJF rules will be respected with the following exception

  1. That rest between matches may be limited to a period equal to the division match duration.
  2. Judo Canada & Judo BC Tournament Standard Rules will be applied
  3. Divisions 10-100: “Headlock” throws will not be permitted.
  4. Divisions 10-100: drop knee seoi-nage will not be permitted
  5. U-16 to U-21 Divisions are only open to Judo BC members
  6. Shimewaza and Kansetsuwaza permitted in U-18 and U-21 Men and Women, and Senior divisions only. Shimewaza will be allowed in U-16. There will be no Shimewaza and Kansetsuwaza allowed in the Novice Juvenile, Novice Cadet, Novice IJF Junior and Novice Senior Divisions.

Our Partnership

Seikidokan Judo Club is working with Squamish Nation members to develop a strong partnership and wide range of Judo Classes at Chief Joe Mathias Centre. An Afterschool program will be starting in April offering Judo classes for youth community members. Plans are also underway to begin regular Junior and Senior classes – check back for further details in April and visit Chief Joe Mathias Centre on Facebook.